Getting your toes stepped on the web is a pretty nasty experience; there’s no “sorry”, no dirty looks you can give. Virtual exchanges of expletives are simply too meek a way to vent your anger, and escalation often results in both sides proclaiming victims of online bullying.

Of my red-mist moments one was on discovering an unauthorised use of a photo of mine. Though much to my annoyance, it was not of any significance and certainly not one I would consider crème de la crème.

After a couple of chill pills and a little digging, I decided not to take action; the website in question is a little more than a glorified blog, albeit with a rather large following, accumulated almost 5,000 likes on the Facebook page. Dedicated to parents with autistic kids and gluten-free recipes, it was hardly a commercial portal for profit and frankly unreasonable by all accounts to go royalty hunting for such trivial infringement.

Fast forward a year or two and it’s the start of 2018, completely by chance I found out the website no longer exists, furthermore the sombre news the author has passed away sometime during 2017. A sobering reminder, of how one little innocuous decision could have placed much burden on another human being behind the pixelated avatar, along with my lethargic attempts at fulfilling an old promise to start a personal site.

Which brings us here, a blog motivated by someone who stole my photo, someone who I never met, and someone who was an inspiration to thousands of others. Rest in peace Dawn, my heart goes out to her family.

(Movie to watch: Changing Lanes)