Bad day

I broke the Hamilton beyond my ability to repair. I almost, almost choked. Dozens died from a horrific bus crash, mere days before CNY. I did get my cardio in (hamstrings not too happy but are getting there) I’m not in a bad mood at all, got a lot readings to get through the weekend.

Passion #2351

It’s no secret I like tearing things down… See how things work… Attempt repair… Endorphin buzz if the thing is fixed, failure means I’m pissed off for the rest of the day. Last time I failed was with an electric kettle. An open circuit with the heating element meant the current goes straight from Live

Steady January

The expiring domains remind me of the high hopes I had for 2017… Hell they’re getting renewed, about time getting the cobwebs off the dormant projects. Planned work for January are almost done, metrics are too early to tell but what the heck… I’m ahead, only just.